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Plastic product design

Starting from the mathematical model or drawing, technicians quickly and accurately develop the plastic mould design using CAD/CAM systems.

Plastic mould construction

Not only design but also implementation of all activities and processing for construction of the mould for plastics

External thermoplastic mould testing

Before delivery to the customer and the subsequent production start-up, the mould for plastics is subjected to final testing to ensure its correct functionality and full efficiency.

The corporate mission

The goal of Eurostampi is to provide high quality thermoplastic moulds and services able to satisfy customer needs and expectations.

The company aims to constantly innovate the technologies used and to develop its know how in order to respond to the continuous evolution of plastic mould design, construction and testing.

Welcome to Eurostampi

Welcome to Eurostampi

The design and construction of thermoplastic moulds immediately specialised in supplying products to the automotive industry.   

Choice that has allowed it to acquire significant experience and solid expertise in this industry that customers distinctly recognise and that have allowed Eurostampi to consolidate its position.

Over the years, depending on market opportunities, Eurostampi has acquired the software and equipment instrumental to customer needs and harnessed the new technologies necessary to meet the current qualitative and aesthetic requirements. 

In 2019, the important milestone of 30 years of activity was reached, made possible also thanks to customers who, over the years, have put their trust in us, allowing the company to grow and improve.

Pierangelo Gardenal


The company is managed by its founder, Pierangelo Gardenal, who has provided it with all his experience and technical and organisational skills to satisfy customers with a with high quality end product.

Focus on customer needs, professional and motivated employees who share the objectives, open mindedness towards market requirements, as well as creative and alternative thinking are the foundations to successfully meet the daily challenges.

Pierangelo Gardenal
Founder, Eurostampi Srl

We build thermoplastic moulds for

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Eurostampi is certified for the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system

In 2002, the company obtained TÜV certification for its UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system, demonstrating the company's desire to have all the necessary tools in order to achieve, over time, qualitative excellence in the entire plastic mould production process.

The Quality policy and objectives are continuously updated, but always according to that directly and indirectly requested by the customer, whose satisfaction is the primary and irrenounceable goal.

Underlying the Quality Policy are many values, the most important of which are the search for certified suppliers, control of thermoplastic mould construction materials, timely plastic mould delivery and the constant desire for improvement.

For Eurostampi, quality is an irrenounceable and fundamental requirement which must always be guaranteed for the end customer.